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September 2017 – September 2020


Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD, United States

Supervisor: Anand Gnanadesikan

  • Analyzed earth system model ocean mixing parameters against oceanographic data

  • Conducted analysis on propagating effects of turbulent diffusion parameter on biological systems

  • Synthesized large amounts of data and research material into scientific papers

  • Communicated research results at 3 conferences with oral and poster presentations

July 2015 - September 2016


Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago

Chicago, IL, United States

Supervisor: Tham Hoang

  • Evaluated micro-plastic contamination impact on freshwater and saltwater fish species through dissection and light microscopy      

  • Analyzed biodiversity loss due to the presence of micro-plastics

  • Prepared written documents that translated quantitative data into summarized materials 

  • Executed experimental design techniques by testing samples through various chemical analyses and centrifugation techniques

July 2014


Tropical Research and Conservation Centre

Sabah, Malaysia

Supervisor: Fletcher Sunde

  • Developed in-the-field processes to plant coral fragments to restore the coral community

  • Interviewed local community members to build consensus on possible alternatives to blast-fishing and shark finning

  • Conducted fish, anemone, shark, ray, and turtle ID surveys to code and identify individuals in partnership with the Photo-ID network

  • Engaged the local community for educational opportunities

June 2014


Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit

Banff, Scotland, United Kingdom

Supervisor: Kevin Robinson

  • Collected sonar data with an Echo sounding sonar instrument

  • Trained in marine mammal rescue techniques

  • Synthesized photo identification data on Bottlenose dolphins, Minke whales, and Porpoises into GIS

  • Prepared data for further use at St. Andrews University, the University of Aberdeen, and the University of Dublin

Research Experience: Experience
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